Hello. get to know us. 

Cookies Crumbs and Crust is a baked good brand centralized in creating the most delicious and honest goodness for you and your family. We know the importance of quality ingredients and attention to detail in every bite of our creations. Our kitchen is proudly located in Dallas/Southlake area. We ship coast to coast.

Three product lines that will fit your appetite 



You don't have to compromise quality for quantity. So, a star was born!Love and Oven is our product line that clearly reflect that ideal.This product line was designed for airlines and major retail stores that share the vision that you can use premium ingredients in large batches that will yield delicious cookies and baked goods.You will most likely see Love and Oven in your grocery store freezer section (no preservatives required!). Our newest additions to Love and Oven are "Dough to Go" and" Cookie Bar Bites".



We are so excited to have a Paleo product line! We love it and everything the Paleo lifestyle represents. These products are for those that choose not to eat sugar, flour and other modern day refined ingredients.After watching my son lose 30 pounds while adopting the Paleo lifestyle, I felt an obligation and responsibility to develop these products for everyone to enjoy.




Fresh baked goodness combined with small batch baking gives you delicious full flavor, premium cookies and baked goods. It was the constant requests for caramel corn and cookies and relentless encouragement from friends to start a baking business that made the love of sharing and serving turn into a baking business.My Grandparents were farmers in South Haven, Kansas. My Grandfather would ask my grandmother for a "Cookie Crumb or Crust" after working in the wheat fields. Thus, the name Cookies Crumbs and Crust will carry on their tradition of serving, sharing,caring and working hard.Many of the recipes I use are my grandmothers.I have posted pictures of Claude and Clara!