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Vanilla Bean cutout cookie - all occasions

This lightly glazed cookie is a delightful treat anytime of day. Plant based coloring can be used.

Neiman Marcus

Central Market

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Pizza Snob

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carolina cookie

This cookie is certainly a crowd pleaser! The combination of butterscotch, pecans, coconut and other wonderfully warm flavors. Large 3.5 oz cookie

available GF V

Neiman Marcus

Pizza Snob

Big Little Market

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java chip

The Java Chip cookie is a coffee lovers dream. The cookie has a unique filling that holds the perfect balance of chocolate and coffee flavors. Large 3.5oz cookie

Neiman Marcus

Pizza Snob

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Chunky Chocolate Chip

The classic favorite, the go-to cookie the Chunky Chocolate Chip. This cookie is soft cookie not overloaded. Large 3.5oz

Pizza Snob

The Big Little Market


Similar to the Java chip this cookie blends espresso with 4 different types of chocolate. Large 3.5oz

Neiman Marcus


Light, thick and very pleasant with coffee. If you’re not a chocolate fan this is the cookie for you. A classic! Large 3.5oz

Neiman Marcus

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Orange citrus

It’s all about the frosting! This soft and delicate cookie is topped with a delicious thick orange citrus frosting. We use fresh oranges and zest to ensure a true orange flavor. Large 3.5oz

Neiman Marcus

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Fresh herbs (picked the day we make and bake them) blended with just the right amount of cheese makes the shortbread style cracker a must. Large 3.5oz

Neiman Marcus

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caramel corn

Slow roasted with almonds, pecans and homemade caramel. This buttery treat will leave you tipping the bag for more! 8oz

Neiman Marcus


naturally Gluten Free Products

gf vb cutout4.jpg

naturally gluten free Vanilla Bean

This lightly glazed cookie is a delightful treat anytime of day. Great for all cookie lovers. It’s clean, simple and delicious. Large 3.5 oz

Neiman Marcus

Magnolia Market

Central Market Lovers Lane

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Naturally gluten free oatmeal chcolate chip

You will love this thick oatmeal based cookie. Many say they prefer this cookie to a regular chocolate chip cookie. Large 3.5 oz

Magnolia Table

Silos Bakery (Magnolia market)

Neiman Marcis

Central Market Lovers Lane

Pizza Snob

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naturally gluten free peanut butter

This is a peanut lovers dream. Soft, chewy with just the right amount of crunch when you bite into it. Large 3.5 oz

Magnolia Table

Silos Bakery (Magnolia Market)

Neiman Marcus

Central Market Lovers Lane

Pizza Snob

Carolina Cookie copy.jpg

Naturally Gluten free carolina cookie

The newest member of the Naturally Gluten Free family! All of your favorite ingredients blended with oats and pecans. Large 3.5oz

cranberry cookies2 copy.jpg

naturally gluten free cranberry chocolate

This started out as a seasonal cookie. It is so popular it has become a daily favorite all year round. Large 3.5oz

naturally gluten free peanut chocoolate chunk

Almost out of the oven!! Large 3.5oz

sweet potato donut1 copy.jpg

vegan gluten free Sweet potato donuts

Oh my goodness! What a delightful little donut this is! Vegan and Gluten free. 2 mini donuts per pack

Watermark Church, Dallas

Up Kitchen Frisco

Big Little Market, Las Colinas

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Paleo Dark Chocolate Coconut cookies

This is the perfect night time treat! It is moist, decadent and satisfying. Dark chocolate. Large 3.5


Paleo vegan Gf brownies

Yes, you can have it all without compromising any flavor, texture or ingredients. 3”x3” brownie