“Hi, My husband and I were in Waco maybe 4 weeks ago. I never expect gluten free items to be in a bakery, but I always ask. We both thought they were delicious, beautifully packaged, and perfect bite to bite. The peanut butter had just sold out, so we bought vanilla shortbread and the oatmeal choc chip. I couldn't be happier with those cookies. . I'm celiac, and we're bakers in Michigan. I've been singing your praises every day since. Just keep doing what you're doing, and your business will sure continue to grow. I presume you had the packaging designed, its perfect. Thanks for all your hard work.” Linda F 6/1/19 Michigan


“Hi! Everyone loved the cookies!!!! thank you again Jill soooo much!!!! Appreciate YOU❤️” Courtney D. 5/6/19 Southlake, TX


“Omg, meant to text you!! He was thrilled and a happy boy! Thank you, love ordering from you!!” Debbie E. 6/26/19 Scottsdale, AZ


“They were amazing and the biggest hit! I had several gals ask me about them so if you have an official way to order, please let me know”. 💕 Alex W. 4/15/19 Dallas, TX

Gluten Free for my wife

"Since trying the gluten free cookies on a visit to Texas last year, we have been ordering them to ship home to California. My wife is celiac and says these are the best cookies, gluten free or otherwise, she has ever had. The prices are very reasonable and Jill ships them quickly so they arrive fresh. The new Carolina cookies are amazing, like eating a praline!" Phil R. Davis, California